Full Season

GBA offers a full year program with a complete focus on player development. Our goal is to maximize player´s potential with high intensity workouts focused on four areas of the game which are ball skills, strength, speed and basketball IQ. To accomplish significant improvement our players go through two or three training sessions per day.


To make a basketball player more effective on the court, GBA improves his shooting, dribbling and passing skills. Through variety of drills coached by skill enhancment specialist we improve our players in all of these fundamentals. But in GBA training is not only about repetition. We analyze and observe our players to identify their deficiencies which we then correct through fundamental breakdown. Only after proper technique is established repetition and increased intensity becomes relevant.


Strength training is another component in which GBA uses individual approach. Our players, old enoug to lift weights, are tested and after they obtain an individual strength training plan. Upon fulfillment of this plan the players are tested again to measure the improvements in their strength and power. This individual approach is effective because players go through weight lifting workouts that are very demanding and safe at the same time.


Agility, footwork and speed improvements are incrumental part of GBA´s training program. Using jumping and resistance equipment we improve players lateral movement, explosivenes, and jumping ability in a short period of time.


Teaching basketball instincs is very challenging. This is why at GBA we spent lot of time working with players on their understanding of the game. Explanations of concepts from 1 on 1 defensive and ofensive techniques to complex 5 on 5 defensive and ofensive systems is an important element to allof ours team practices.

In this full year program intensity never stops. High on adrenaline, we work around the clock preparing and working with our players to give them the physical and mental preparation they need for high level basketball.
  • The skill development takes place over the day
    • They usually last around an hour to two
    • The amount per week is consulted with the coaching staff and school schedule
    • You can have up to 10 skill practices in a week from Monday through Friday
    • They contain athletes of all levels and ages
    • Schedule of these skill practices
      • 6:00 morning practices
      • 13:00 midday practices

The team practices take place in the evening
They usually last for an hour and a half

  • Divided into the four teams that GBA has
  • Mens A ( 2nd Czech league)
  • Mens B ( 3rd Czech league)
  • Juniors U19 A ( 1st national junior league)
  • Juniors U19B (2nd national junior league)

Annual Basic Fee

Which includes the athletic program,accomodation and full board meal program.

The total cost for the season = $17,700

Full fee

Including US high school program

The total cost for the season = $23,750

Summer Camps

4 days / 7 intense practices / boys & girls 11-19 years

price 330 € / 8500 CZK

includes: Training program / Housing and Food / Prague sightseeing/ Camp T-shirt

Are you interested? Let us know by DM or mail

Proffesional Workouts

For professional players who understand the importance of offseason development GBA offers summer professional program in Prague, central Europe. Take advantage of GBA´s complex and intensive trainings with attention to detail that elevate every players game. Improve your shot, ball handling, low post game, finishing ability, footwork, speed and strength through highly personalized workouts.

GBA staff has extensive experience of working with high-level professional players. Julian Betko, head of our development, worked individually with players such as Carl Landry - GS Warriors, Mario Chalmers - Miami Heat, Anton Gavel - Bayern Munich Euroleague, Shelvin Mack - Atlanta Hawks, Michael Green - Khimki Moscow, Ondrej Balvin- Sevilla, Spain, Tomas Kyzlink Treviglio, Italy and many others.